• July 9, 2021

What Human Resources Systems Should Your Business Have in Place?

Labor can be your biggest expense, accounting for 70% of your costs. Therefore, you must have human resources systems in place for managing your workforce. After the systems come the policies and procedures. The key ones associated with discipline and termination include: The hiring letter specifies the job is at will. Employees, with the exception…

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How to Develop a Content Strategy

Your content marketing efforts could be vastly improved by developing a comprehensive content strategy. Here’s what it should include. A content strategy is a plan of action informed by your business goals that rely on the creation and distribution of effective content. Your content strategy will be unique to your business, but it should align…

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Best Practices on Maintaining Your Fleet’s Health and Safety

In addition to adhering to rules and regulations for commercial vehicle operators, fleet owners should implement a few best practices to help protect drivers’ health and safety. Identify potential risks. Fleet owners and their drivers face an assortment of risks and hazards game judi slot. Some issues apply to all types of commercial vehicle drivers,…

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